Zoltan was born in Budapest, Hungary on September 16th, 1950, during the Korean War to an unknown father and a prostitute named Juliska the "Sex". Zoltan grew up a reserved quiet boy without friends, while this seems sad, it's simply due to the fact that Zoltan was the most notorious child bully in his neighbourhood. Zoltan tormented and ruined the lives of many children (especially his brother, Mauro) as he grew up, and early into his teens this maliciousness was recognized by Italian crime lord and cult benefactor Ugo Cacciatore during a gang war off the coast of Sardinia, Italy. Once Ugo caught ahold of Zoltan, he quickly invited him to be a part of the Millenarian, a cult dedicated to the change of the world every thousand years. Zoltan was with the Millenarian for 41 years, until he met the love of his life in the form of an 18 year old girl named Amy.

Zoltan first met Amy when he was sent to destroy her family so Ugo could ransom her off to her wealthy uncles and aunts. Zoltan did his job well, murdering both her mother, father and tutor. When Zoltan returned Amy to Ugo's mountain palace, he found he could not let her go. He contested Ugo and shot him in the shoulder. He left with Amy quickly.

The next three months passed quickly for Zoltan, until finally Ugo found Zoltan and Amy on Zoltan's boat.

He killed them quickly in his Sikorsky seaplane.

Zoltan woke up blind.

Entrance into SARP and the role played nowEdit

Zoltan entered SARP with somewhat of a bang. On his first day, he had already started fights with Silver Shinobi and RayG Perrigo. He had already become friends with Yume Shiromi and Wyn Rosenrot. Shortly after his entrance, Zoltan's true colours emerged, a gun-toting, dinner-suited maniac bent on only one thing. To hurt.