Thrall, birth name Go'el, is the leader of Orgrimmar and Warchief of the Horde in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. In the SARP, he sometimes acts as Splashwoman's guardian. He is also one of the only ones who still calls her Ginevra.

Kylgal thrall

A headshot of Thrall from his TCG Card. Copyright Blizzard Entertainment.

Thrall's BeginningsEdit

Thrall made his start simply trying to hunt The Lich King, making friends with everyone along the way. His first real friend was Splashwoman, who he became a non-official guardian for. She and Tay Lozru are the only two individuals he considers his friends. He sees a lot of himself in Tay, not wanting to fight without good reason. He sees Splashwoman as a daughter or granddaughter, as he admires her showing of kindness to most everyone.

The Warchief in BattleEdit

Thrall, as the Warchief of the Horde and a former slave who was taught to fight so his human captors would have entertainment. Unfortunately, they never thought he would fight back. (not even kidding, this is how it went, they NEVER thought Thrall would fight back, even after they gave him a sword and the skills to use it)

Besides his basic skills with most kinds of weapons, Thrall is also a mighty Shaman with control over elemental attacks. Refer here for a list of Shaman attacks.

The Death of a WarchiefEdit

The robot master Splashwoman had been kidnapped by the mad scientist Trevor Roberts. As her self-proclaimed protector, Thrall saw it as his duty to rescue her from his clutches. The battle between Thrall and Trevor's e-bots was brutal, and in the end, Thrall was unable to win and was killed. He was later resurrected through the use of an Alter of Storms.

Time Skip-Fall of a WarchiefEdit

In the New Years 25-Year time skip, Thrall returns, having lost three individuals who were important to him.

He encounters Tay, who had begun working for somewhat of a secret organization. Thrall is weakened from attacks to his side and stomach given to him by the Lich King before Thrall got away. Tay brings him to a safe place for him to rest, as he has a flashback to the events that occurred.