TorrentGirl SQN 001







TorrentGirl SQN (Splash/Quick Number) 001 is a baby Robot Master created by the data of QuickMan DWN 012 and Splash Woman DRN 067. Adopting most of her traits from her father, QuickMan, she often wanders around, pestering other users.

RP HistoryEdit

TorrentGirl's history isn't very long, or complicated.

The most involvement she has plot-wise was destroying Nia in the TtSfUD plot...somehow. It was kind of hard to understand, really.

She was also involved in the time-skip plot afterward, where she was shown fully grown, but defiantly took after QuickMan.

During the Doctor Facilier plot, Torrent Girl tried to help Galaxy Man confront Facilier when the U.N.D. that Trevor and Wily were forced to constructed was about to be activated. When Torrent attacked the Witch Doctor, she was hexed into being 17 years older.


...she's a baby people. But for the most part, she takes after QuickMan. Duh.

Age seven: She seems a lot more hesitant toward people other than her immediate robot family, possibly due to her remembering how the Robot Masters were treated by others, resulting in her having a wary and even somewhat sovereignist view on others (meaning: If they are not a robot, she more than likely will be scared of/not like them).


  • Though many people describe her as a blue Mettool, she's actually supposed to be a pastel purple.
  • She was, at first, going to be a boy.
  • At one point, she also had the feather-like object(Much like on SplashWoman's) on her helmet, along with a crescent-shaped boomerang, but it was eventually taken off, due to the puppeteer being a lazy as- I mean, having a hard time drawing it.
  • Out of her thousandsmany uncles, she often enjoys pestering TorchMan and SkullMan the most.
  • She's the first "lovechild" character to not die in the plot she debuted in and to have an actual RP account.
  • She's also the only "lovechild" character whose parents come from the same series.