Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair
who exactly gave Nia to Santa anyway?
Release date

November 27th, 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight, with assistance from Marcos, Bri and Mettic


Meta Knight, Nate DeSa


Santa Claus, Nia Tepperin, Light Yagami, Lelouch vi Britannia

Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair was the Christmas plot written by Meta Knight.

The plot explains the prophecy about the "Fox and the Fish", confirming that the birth was in Christmas season (Splash Woman and Quick Man's kid, Torrent Girl, was born on the 4th), and that the million monkeys referred to the population of the Earth, and Nia was the flower girl who was to bring ultimate despair to the universe.

Nate DeSa inadvertently made himself a major character via his satirical comics.

This was his last plot due to controversy from users such as NotKenny, Special and pretty much the entire senile oldfag population of SheezyArt.

Synopsis Edit

All I want for Christmas is loliEdit

Santa Claus is working hard on his presents for Christmas, then a mysterious figure hands him a present. The present is Nia Tepperin. I think Santa is going to be working hard on something else, hawhaw.

Putting things on iceEdit

Meanwhile, hijinks are high in a local city, from Wario and Waluigi throwing snowballs at Shadeki Miyabashin, to Kumatora putting some nasty criminals on ice.

The scene cuts to Meta Knight and deathsstare, who are watching A Sheezy Christmas Carol on TV. Meta Knight goes to get some Hot Pockets when he sees the prophecy which was given to him by Mabel. Just before Meta Knight could get another thought through his head, Sword Knight shows up and announces that Splashwoman was about to give birth.


The joy between Quick Man and Splash Woman for the birth of there new daughter was short-lived, because Nia Tepperin had revealed herself to be an Anti-Spiral and announced to the world that the population of Earth was going to wiped out in order to preserve the rest of the universe (The Mushroom Kingdom immediately fell into destruction during this speech).

A Mugann shortly appeared after, and of course, Nate DeSa saw through everything and boasted how lame the plot was. Nate was just about to take things into his own hands, until Meta Knight swooped in and destroyed the Mugann in a pwnsome display that was too awesome for words. Meta Knight then proceeded to have a party with Tabuu and Eureka Thurston, which was short-lived because Meta Knight forgot that Mugann split into explosive shards after they were destroyed.

Haters gonna hateEdit

Tabuu decided that he was tired of Meta Knight's shit. He crapped on about how Nate was right about things being overdone, and promptly resigned from the League of Meta Knights. Eureka intially felt sorry for Meta but reverted to her grumpy end of series self and pretty much wished the world would end anyway, as the time spent was all serious business and no fun. She flew off to her home in Bellforest, and Meta Knight was left in disbelief until the rest of the League captains (except Claus who was in Italy) decided to go turncoat on Meta Knight as well. The League was officially disbanded.

Gods of the New WorldEdit

Meta Knight and Nate went to their respective homes and respectively watched TV. Before they could start channel surfing, the programs were interrupted by a League broadcast. It turns out that the two scheming pretty boys Light Yagami and Lelouch vi Britannia had taken over the League, claiming that Meta Knight did not believe in true justice and equality. They claimed that they could defeat the overdone Nia and create a perfect world. Of course, everyone was tired of Meta Knight at this point, so it was no surprise that everyone was enthusiastic about their new leaders.

How the Garurichu stole KarurismasuEdit

Nate, who was obviously as mad as hell, thought that Meta Knight's giant anime collection was the cause for all the cliches. So Nate formed a sinister plan to get into Meta Knight's house via chimney and steal Meta Knight's entire anime collection, right down to Wolf's Rain (which Meta Knight never even watched). Nate was successful, and decided that he should burn it all. Kam was pretty mad when he carried that huge stash.

Stash in hand, Nate had one more mission to do - take down the Followers of Justice. On his way to the HQ, he encountered a Mugann...

Death, Duplicates and DummiesEdit

The new leaders decided to make drastic changes to the structure of society. Light witnessed Nate and Kam's conflict within the city, and considered killing them off to destroy the Mugann (but he didn't know their names). Splash Woman was seeking a babysitter, and lo-and-behold, he chose the dumbest possible candidate... Matsuda. Lelouch on the other hand, asked Eureka about Meta Knight so that he could assimilate him into society. Instead, he decided to execute him. Eureka later went shopping with Gekkostate, only to have most of the crew wiped out by FRICKIN LASER BEAMS.

Meanwhile, Nate and Kam weren't able to defeat the Mugann until Laura DeSa waltzed in with the Crack-A-Jack, a device which creates fusions of characters. The logic was that to defeat something which split up you needed to attack with a splice itself.

Nathanial of the RebellionEdit

After storming the Followers of Justice's HQ, Nate and Kam found the throne room, where Lelouch and Light were about to publicly execute Meta Knight. Nate killed C.C., and took her place as the stand-in of Zero. Nate then murdered Light and Lelouch in front of the audience. The citizens became more riled up than the denizens of Sonic Retro and rushed after Nate, but not before they barricaded the entrance.

A knight dishonoredEdit

Nate had one last matter to take care of. Kam and he made their way to the prison, where Meta Knight was being held. Nate killed Meta Knight with lightning. He declared victory, until...

Santa Claus and King DeDeDe busted in, taught Nate about Christmas spirit, and shot the fuck out of him with a GIANT LUMP OF COAL. Kam, DeDeDe and Santa then set out to save Christmas, and the plot instantly steered back to actually being about Christmas.

Mugoing, Mugoing, MugoneEdit

Nia sprang back into action and brought out the grand daddy of her troops - the Kyo-Mugann. Nam alone was not enough to destroy its mass, so Tabuu and Laura convinced the League and the citizens of Earth to fuse together in order to defeat the Kyo-Mugann - they were successful, and Norb, the fun-loving priest from Eureka Seven, offered to have a party.

Meanwhile, the King and Santa made their way to Eureka's house to seek forgiveness. She agreed and re-joined the League.

The ultiment finel battelEdit

It was then that the Santa and the League travelled to the North Pole to defeat Nia. It is revealed that Nate, after all that time complaining about the anime plot, gave in and decided to side with Nia and the Anti-Spiral in order to defeat the League. There was much pain and paper cuts in the ensuing battle, but then Santa offered Nate a turkey club sandwich - and in the end, Nate couldn't say no.

Nia powered up into her Anti-Spiral form and attempted to blow the League into oblivion - but was stopped by Matsuda and TorrentGirl SQN 001's drill (Torrent Girl had been given a drill prior to the plot by Meta Knight, during his wedding). this weakened Nia considerably, but she had enough strength left to disable the League.

At this point, everyone was wishing for Meta Knight to come back to life - and with the help of a little Christmas spirit, he was revived. Meta Knight defeated Nia with a "Galaxia Butfuk Attack", and the world was saved. It was then decided that a party at Norb's house was in order - but not before Tonic the Hedgehog complained about how this entire segment ripped off his own movie.


Many things happened after the plot - Tabuu and Norb's party was a huge success, Claus and Kumatora returned to Tazmily, Ghost Rider was offered a place in the new vs. Capcom game, Anti Guy was gifted a box full of candy, Nate was not happy with Meta Knight's revival, Eureka ran for president, Torrent Girl grew up to be a huge boss in the Mega Man series, Matsuda and Lindsey Sead became a crack detective duo, and the King went home.

Meta Knight retired because of the protesting from roleplay haters - but not before he was gifted a present from the League, who had finally forgiven him for his actions.

Fun factsEdit

  • All this was a catalyst for a short time-skip plot, which ended pretty quickly upon realisation that noone was interested enough.
  • A Sheezy Christmas Carol is referenced on page 3, where the ending (and a continuation of it) is shown on TV.
  • This was the the second comic to feature an appearance of a non-Japanese cartoon character.
  • Nate was not originally planned to have such a huge role.
  • The comic continually shifted art style, from Death Note, to spriting, to Code Geass, even copying specific Sheezyart user's styles such as Jroc, TomPreston, Juvenile Memory, Cray and even Elemix's flashes.
  • Meta Knight did not retire forever...