The Trial of Nate
Release date

May 25th, 2010

Scenario Writer



Gregg, Laura DeSa



The Trial of Nate is a plot written by Gregg. It is one of the first comic-based plots since Meta Knight's retirement (if you don't count submissions by The Inquistor and Shyguy.) Possibly because of this, it bore criticism from many new-generation roleplayers, including Dimentio.

The Trial of Nate has been wont to occur by Gregg ever since, allegedly, the Party Poopers plot, on account of several accusations Gregg plants against Nate.
Laura rescues Nate from certain condemnation soon hereafter.

The plot correlates with Ille Finis (Latin for "The Former End"), a (sub?)plot written by Magus. Ille Finis features a new way of developing a comic-based plot by skipping several parts of the "comic" at a time; for example, going straight from part 1 to part 6. Magus apparently expects his readers to fill in the gaps themselves, although several readers has found this method confusing.