The Ark

A mysterious sort of library complex constructed by Moddex, Aoife, and Earthshine, this place was founded as a fortress just shortly before the events of Ragnarok[1] to protect the local characters and populace. Because of the widespread devastation that was Ragnarok [2], many settled into the many corridors and vacant rooms of the Ark, calling it a new home. At this point, it has become a thriving research city all of its own respect.


As to how the complex was created, that in itself is a marvel and a mystery of the modern world. Instead of conventional methods, a sort of schematics plan was developed that also served as the command lines in its assembly. The original three who constructed it followed the information on the schematics themselves and by force of their own magical or psionic capabilities, they assembled the gathered materials to construct, transform, and structure into what is seen today. The Ark itself is composed of several unidentified metals, silver, steel, quartz, and various marbles. The sub levels of the Ark go underground by 3200 ft. below sea level and has three massive anchors locked into the ground, going under roughly 200 ft. The structure is shielded by a defense matrix that surrounds the complex, but it has yet to actually reject passage of visitors. It protected the Ark during the fires and destruction of [3] while allowing those seeking refuge to pass through safely. When the shield itself is touched or passed through, a ripple of blue hexagons splash along the perimeter of the entry point. As to how this shield is powered is another mystery. When a visitor sets foot on any of the actual structure's grounds, smaller ripples like the ones seen when the shield is touched can be see from every contact the individual makes, such as a foot step. Upon close inspection, small, intricate symbols and lines like that found on silicon chips can be seen within these hexagon ripples. This feature is a scanning method used by the Ark to collect data as a means of surveillance.