Chalada form.

Seth Harless is one of the first OC's created by Leonid Feorus to become truly active in SARP. He is rather active though he tends to stick to himself and a select few people. Not often does he get directly

involved in RP storylines but this will change soon enough.

Character HistoryEdit

Seth was born to a race known as the Chalada. Often he simply calls himself a demon as it gets people to stop asking questions sooner. He has no real traumatic or overly interesting past, nor is he destined to any great heroic future. He wears a ring which makes him look more or less like a human, but he is actually a creature which resembles a feathered raptor. To the eyes and touch of anyone else, he seems normal though.

He comes from a planet named Serr Minor in the Sayallatur System. This rocky planet is inhabited by various species, some more human-like than others. The Chalada are a nomadic people who hold on to their ways refusing to modernize like the cities and countries rising up around them. Seth's father was a hunter and his mother a leather-worker. He grew up in the steppes his people call home where he had a happy childhood doing all of those things children do. When he reached his teenage years he chose to move to the metropolis Thordis where he wanted to pursue a life as a merchant. He met much prejudice due to his species which drove him to purchasing the holograph ring which granted him the appearance he has now.

Recently he has begun to tap into the innate abilities of his race, including the healing properties of his blood. He is able to taste the blood of another and sample the DNA within. His body then synthesizes enzymes and proteins which will cure whatever ails the host that he then transplants into their body through a means such as filling a cup with the augmented blood for them to drink. Other abilities include strength about 1/2 more than the average human, resistance to illness, and very weak basic magics. These magics are hardly worth noting as he would have a hard time even lighting a candle.

RP HistoryEdit

He has only been involved in two events so far, Rafael Castello's robot-driven rape rampage and he found the box which brought Asher Jericho to the RP world. Currently emotionally involved with two different partners.


Quirky, quick-tempered, passionate, and a little dim-witted. Often greets other's with sarcastic remarks and is quick to give them nicknames like "Man Mountain" or "Honey Hips". Chain smokes when he has the chance, and is fond of alcohol as well as snack cakes.


  • Is actually rather short at 5'8".
  • Is 27 years old.
  • Likes to draw odd portraits of his friends.
  • Collects bottlecaps.
  • His appearance is actually a holograph created by a ring he always wears.