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Popple is a little green miscreant that Mario and Luigi bumped into (several times) during their adventures in the Beanbean Kingdom.  He loves to steal stuff and chuck Bob-ombs at people.

Character StoryEdit

Popple served as a recurring Boss character in "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga".  The Mario Bros first met him and his Rookie (who suspiciously looked Bowser) in the Chateau de Chucklehuck on their way to find the Legendary Chuckola Reserve.  Despite the fact that Popple and Rookie beat the Mario Bros to the Chuckola reserve, the Chuckola Reserve (after turning into a monster) beat them up.

Popple and Rookie were seen again by Mario and Luigi in the basement of Woohooniversity.  The two duos fought over the Beanstar that fell down in the basement until some out-of-tune singing from a robot replica of Princess Peach sent the star into a blind fit that launched them all into the sky.

Mario and Luigi later saw Popple again (but on his own) in a return trip to Chucklehuck Woods, where he was seen stealing a piece of the Beanstar.  Popple got the stuffing beaten out of him again and lost his valuable treasure.

Popple again appeared again having made a base in Teehee Valley. After finding an unconscious Luigi in the desert he took him as a prisoner to lure Mario to his base. After Mario freed Luigi, Popple attacked and introduced his new Rookie, Birdo, who had fallen hopelessly in love with him. After losing in battle Popple blamed his defeat on Birdo and called her useless, Birdo, heart-broken knocked him through the wall.

RP HistoryEdit

Popple showed almost immediately after the Wish/Libera Timeskip.  Kefka took the feisty little green-bean under his wing and insisted that Popple help him spoil the League of Meta Knights' party.  After Kefka's plans were ruined, Popple struck out on his own in a futile attempt to gain eternal glory until finally slipping into inactivity.

Popple finally returned when there was some hoopla about an invasion of the Robot Masters.  King Bowser Koopa had obtained a sample of the White Liquid that infected Show Ghost, and Popple decided to steal the White Liquid for one reason or another.  Popple managed to blast Bowser to Koopdom Come and fled the scene with White Liquid in his possession (Queen Jaydes is still baffled by how Popple survived getting caught in an explosion that managed to kill Bowser).  This victory shorted lived, because after Popple revealed that he stole the White Liquid; Shadow Man stole it from him.

Popple is essentially a joke villain, serving only as a nuisance to the League of Meta Knights and nearly everyone else.


  • Popple is one of the only two bosses to hail from the M&L RPG series to make appearance in comics.
  • Popple hates Fawful for stealing his battle music and appearing in more games than he did.  However, the time when Popple debuted was when Fawful became inactive; so rivalry between the two never spawned.
  • The puppeteer behind Popple has him type with a Brooklyn accent.

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