Party Poopers
Don't sniff wax boards, kids
Release date

28th May, 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Meta Knight, Renton Thurston, Claus, Eureka Thurston, Duster


Kefka, Yokuba, Jason, Freddy, Lady Gaga

Party Poopers, also known as Kefka, Act two, dancing really mad, was a plot that was set after the infamous Wish/Libera Timeskip and sometime after Sheik and Mr L were killed by Kefka, and was set around a party for the ending of the last plot getting crashed by Kefka. At the same time, it was also around Renton Thurston and Meta Knight going though video game hell with Gregg.

Meta Knight considers this to be his favourite plot.

How it went down Edit

A funeral and a party at the same time Edit

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It started rather grimly with Renton (died of wax board sniffing) and Metaknight (died for unknown reasons) being dragged away by Gregg as a mournful Eureka Thurston watched. Claus attempted to chear Eureka up saying that "Yeah, your lover (and brother I think, I dunno, I didn't watch E7) is dead, but this is a realllyyyyyy big party. Still grieved she walked away to the Nirvash's room, where Anti Guy was repainting it (with blood, supposedly) and then flew off with it (It is unknown how he got it to work) to get snacks.

Lets get this party started Edit

And so, even with its leader dead, the party started. It went off rather smoothly with bra'd Miku and Popple stealing said bra (god bless his heart). It really didn't go as well with Duster, as at the same time the band Duster was in had kicked him out and replaced him with Lady Gaga. Duster swore revenge.

Clowns ruin everything Edit


The iconic sex scene

Then things started going bad. Party guard Gorgutz had let "the party clown" in. If you didn't guess yet, that clown was actually Kefka, who went on to spike the punch. Everyone, except for Claus, Duster, and Amaterasu (Popple too, but he didn't do anything) got drunk out of their minds. Things went from bad to worst when Kefka brought in his assistants, Yokuba, Jason and Freddy. And things went from worst to BONED (in more ways then one) when Eureka (Who was also drunk) grabbed Duster and brought him into a bed room. Yeahhhh, I think you know what happens next.

Metaknight's Inferno Edit

It was around this time that Renton and Metaknight awoke in hell, with Gregg telling Metaknight that a few dead members would LOVE to see him. These dead members, were King DeDeDe, Hameta, Sheik, david sledgebro, Night the Hedgehog, and Kamina. They claimed that it was Metaknight who really killed them by plundging into pointless wars and that they would stay here despite what Metaknight would say. But, they did not expect someone else to come and side with Metaknight. And this person, was Micheal-fucking-Jackson. Micheal Jackson's world spoke to Sheik and got them to side with Metaknight. It was still TOO SOON. Gregg then said that we was willing to revive Metaknight, Renton, and one other person to fix the shit that's happened. They choose Sheik to come with. It was then that the whole reason Yokuba came back, Kefka starting the madness, and Eureka banging Duster was because Jaydes fucked with the Continuinty-o-meter. She also fucked with it so that Anti Guy somehow crashed into hell with the Nirvash. They then flew out of hell with the Nirvash

Crashing the party crashers Edit

It was then Duster took command. He knocked away Eureka (though he still got her preggers, more on that later), kicked Jason and Freddy's ass, got his band's head back in the game, used them to help beat Yokuba, then "Poker faced" Lady Gaga. Kefka wouldn't let himself lose this far in though, as he transformed into his god-form. Nirvash flew in just in time though and did some lazer shit and knocked Kefka out of his super form. He then hide inside Absolute Safe Capsule, stopping from taking any damage, and being able to do any damage himself.  The day was saved and everything went back to normal. All that starts well ends well.

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