Morton Koopa Jr
Morton Koopa Jr
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Morton Koopa Jr. (also known as Big Mouth Koopa) is one of Bowser's eight children and is the sixth oldest Koopaling. Although he is the largest of the koopalings, Morton doesn't appear to be as powerful as some of his other large brothers, like Ludwig or Roy.

RP HistoryEdit

Morton Koopa Jr made his debut in mid-October, during Welcome to Trevopolis.  The gray-shelled Koopa was kinda oblivious to the fact that Trevor Roberts had taken over the world at first, but his siblings convinced him to help the Underground plot Trevor's downfall.  However, Morton wasn't made an official member of the Underground at all (I guess his siblings were worried that if Morton had gotten captured, he'd be too easy to weasel secret information out of).

During the Koopas in Space sub-plot, a battle with the ice vampire Dora causes Morton to get separated from his siblings.  Morton went through a crazed, mixed-up adventure in the cosmos until he was found by Iggy and Lemmy.

Morton Koopa Jr is one of the least active of the Koopaling accounts possibly due to the fact that his characterization as a chatterbox makes him difficult to write for.


  • Morton was one of the only two of Bowser's children to be ranked above "League Pet" before the "Koopaling" rank was used League of Meta Knights.
  • Morton seems to be a bit clumsy, as he's shown a tendency to crash into stuff.

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