Minuet Waltz
Release date

Dec 24th, 2009

Scenario Writer



Minuet, Flashman RM 014, Jojora


Bass SWN 001, Doctor Wily

Minuet Waltz is a sub-plot written for the post-TtSfUD timeskip.  The story is set around how a charming robot girl named Minuet became the adopted daughter of Jojora and Flash Man.

How it went downEdit

A small family visit, plus another unexpected guestEdit

Two of Jojora's cousins, the timid Basil and the snobbish Jasmine, drop in on Joke's End to pay Jojora.  Basil and Jasmine to see Flash Man at the front door.  Jojora shows up and explains that Flash Man was with her.  During the visit, Jojora and Flash Man get distracted by a faint moaning.  The moaning came from a half-conscious blond girl in a pink snow jacket known as Minuet.  Jojora and Flash Man take the girl to the hospital in Little Fungitown.

One of the familyEdit

Once Minuet gets fixed up at the hospital, she became fixated on Jojora and Flash Man; thinking that the two were her parents.  They decide to go along with the idea of having Minuet as their daughter.  Unbeknownst to Flash Man and Jojora, Minuet is actually a creation of Dr. Wily that managed to escape his evil influence and Bass had been order to search for her.

Icy Wedding BlissEdit

A couple weeks later, preparations were being made at Lemmy's Castle for the wedding of Jojora and Flash Man. A couple of highlights of the preparations were Freeze Man and Wendy O. Koopa decorating the pavilion with Ice Crystals and golden rings, Torch Man and Wind Man preparing the wedding feast and Cut Man carving an ice sculpture and having his craftsmanship "critiqued" by Jojora's vain cousin Juella. Meanwhile, Bass is shown being fixed up for the wedding by Solar Zero.  A call from Doctor Wily briefly interrupts the session in which Wily was demanding Bass to get back to search for Minuet. Bass managed to shut his master up by explaining that he had insider info that Minuet would be at a wedding (little did Bass know, he would find out he would be right).

The Bliss Becomes a BlizzardEdit

The wedding begins on the next day and Bass decide to at least make an effort to search for Minuet. Much to Bass's surprise, he finds Minuet hanging around her aunts Dora and Amy. Everyone walks inside for wedding music has started while Bass stands there with shock and surprise that was actually right about Minuet attending the wedding. Skull Man walks up to Bass and drags him inside. While Lady Lima was reciting the wedding vows, Bass processing over whether to kidnap Minuet or not. Once the vows are finished, Bass gave Dust Man DWN 030 a hard slap across the back, resulting in Dust Man sucking up Amy. Amy manages to make the Vacuum Bot spit her out. However, dust from the Bot's insides got into Amy's eyes making her go completely berserk. Nearly every wedding attendant tries to jump in an attempt to stop Amy's rampage, only to be beaten by Amy's overwhelming strength. In the end, Amy was taken down by Shadow Man and Quick Man's stealth.

Sorry Wily, No DealEdit

During all the chaos from the wedding, Bass had managed to kidnap Minuet. Bass was currently flying over a tropical area when he comes across Dr. Wily. The mad doctor demands that Bass hand over Minuet to him. Bass promptly refuse and drops Minuet into the Big Bertha filled waters below. Minuet manages to freeze up the water and run away while Bass and Wily were busy fighting each other.

The Family, ReunitedEdit

Minuet manages to get away and types an S.O.S. on her wrist communicator. Bass teleports right in front of Minuet an begins to attack her. Minuet does her best to fight Bass off. Bass uses the Time Stopper on Minuet, but Flash Man drops in to aid his daughter in the battle. Minuet ends up pushing Bass into a warp pipe by blowing an Icy Wind from her wrist cannons. Afterwords, Flash Man and Minuet teleport back to Lemmy's Castle; where everyone was eagerly awaiting their return.


Minuet Waltz fanfic[1]