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Mega Man (Mega Man 9)
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Mega Man (or Rockman) is the protagonist of the Mega Man games. The Mega Man games are widely popular among SheezyArt's users, and as a result, literally hundreds of Robot Master accounts have been made; veteran Sheezyart user AaronGuy has once described the roleplay as "a revolving door of Pokemon/Robot Masters/original characters noone cares about".


Before Dr. Light made Mega Man, he made Proto Man (aptly named because he was a prototype). He was able to lead other robots in battle, but for some reason he went rogue and escaped. He was thought to have been destroyed.

This led Dr. Light to create two replacements: Rock and Roll. Rock had the ability to study a tool and mimic it's use, while Roll was restricted to housework. Following this he created Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man and Elec Man, all designed to assist with public construction.

Dr. Light was about to show off his new robots when colleague and rival Dr. Wily grew envious of his achievements. He had a lucky break when he managed to find Proto Man dying, so he repaired him (and also built Sniper Joe). Following that, he reprogrammed the six construction robots (but not Rock or Roll because he did not think highly of them) with his knowledge of Proto Man's programming, and decided to get revenge on Dr. Light and take over the world.

Dr. Light decided that something needed to be done; Rock volunteered to become a fighting robot. From that day forward, he became the crime fighting robot; Mega Man!

Ever since that day Mega Man has continually been thwarting Wily's plans.

RP HistoryEdit

Predating the roleplay was "MegaMan.EXE" - however, he was not used until after Meta Knight's retirement.

Mega Man's first appearance was during the advent of the League of Meta Knights. At the time Mega Man, Roll and Wily were around, doing what they usually did. When Montana Requiem rolled around, Mega Man and co. quickly fell inactive.

Mega Man was resurrected after Liquid Lindsey - but he changed into an uncouth, cursing, sexist freak of nature, who often took the mickey out of other Robot Masters, especially Splashwoman. Many users such as DarkkingRidley and Nintendosavi did not approve of his behaviour. Despite this, he was revered by a select few, including Meta himself.

Shortly after this burst of activity Mega Man was banned for ban evasion.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Mega Man was originally conceived by Axel.
  • Mega Man was played by arguably the biggest and greatest Mega Man fan on SheezyArt: Elemix.