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Dracula as he appears in Symphony of the Night. Copyright to Konami

Self-Proclaimed "Lord of Darkness" Vladimir Tepes Dracula became an existing account a week or so after The Lich King. When he became involved in the RP, he allied himself with The Lich King in order to grow his army using The Lich King's terrifying influence.

The Army of Lord Dracula Edit

Dracula, in an attempt to try and take over SheezyArt in the future, started forming an army of those who would follow his, as always, falsely-provided ideals. The ones he spoke to he offered to them everything they could have ever wanted. In exchange, they follow him in his army. A few in particular, Remilia Scarlet and Rhoswen Danu of the Fetch Characters.

Dracula and Rhoswen-The Beginning Edit

Rhoswen was one that trusted in Dracula and would do whatever he commanded. He tells her he will teach her in the magics that he knows, and eventually show her how to use the Dominus, which in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, is a glyph that, when used, will destroy everything it was used on and absorb the user's soul.

Dracula and Rhoswen-The Betrayal Edit

Warchief Thrall informs Rhoswen that Dracula had intended to betray her and kill Raziel, her beloved, and her when he had controlled the world. Rhoswen was not about to allow that to happen, and confronted Dracula, using Dominus and surviving, due to Arthas' intervention and sacrifice of himself. With the weapon that Arthas gives Rhoswen, she delivers the final blow and he is destroyed, for that moment.

Dracula's Return and Defeat-The Sword and the Throne Edit

Dracula was brought back by The Lich King and his dark magic. This did not last very long, as one of Rhoswen's allies, Xero Kaine, had heard about this, went to confront Dracula, and using Frostmourne which he stole from The Lich King, sealed Dracula away in his own throne for one thousand years. (BUT The Lich King is going to come back and free him in one year)

Dracula's Attacks Edit

Dracula's main abilities in battle are based off of all of the Castlevania games. He has his classic fireball teleportation spell, his black meteor spell, fatal rain, destruction rain, summoning bats, blood wolves, or zombies, and his ultimate attack, Demonic Meggido, a massive blast of shadow energy concentrated enough to annihilate a small village.

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What Is A Man?Edit

Dracula, apparently. With the assistance of one of Rhoswen Danu's gods, Dracula reverted to his original self: Mathias Cronqvist. Nothing else has has happened with him since.