Kanto Region


Eon Siblings, Luxray [Mate], Mika and Ritzu [sons]

Under the Alias; "SpeedyJolteon" She's quick, she's angry, and she's over all The STRANGEST of all the Eon Siblings


Jolteon is the result of exposing an Eevee to the radiation of a Thunderstone. Jolteon is a dog-like Pokémon with a very short tail, and yellow fur that has the sharpness of needles (Glaceon shares this same trait, but it's not as obvious). Jolteon also has a white, spiky collar.


She Is as mentioned an enigma; Most of the time she is very cheery but one wrong step and then you learn the one thing jolteons are KNOWN for...Easily mad, or Easily Sad, An enigma, An enigma you DONT want to mess with. because upon anger she will fire a flurry of electrical attacks and or pinmissle upon thou

RP historyEdit

Well, her only REAL plot involvement was with team rocket when she got Shadow queen'd


She did get knocked up I guessEdit

Yep, her and Sheezys own luxray did the "Dance" and now they have children, two baby eevees, Mika, a normal eevee, and Ritzu, a jet black eevee

And she returns!Edit

With the help of the controller of the famous Fen Rissinger, Jolteon was brought back and she's in on the fun, with a rather cheery outlook, and her hubby no-where in sight.


where the hell are her kids?

Facts 'n' TriviaEdit

  • She is more likely to be sad and tearful then angered
  • Fell Victim to the infamous; "Powerup and mind control" Villian tool, along with her Brother Glaceon; who shares a lot of similer traits as her.
  • Currently, Flareon is trying to pair her up with Bannette
  • Round things make her "OwO" grade happy
  • She is one of only Pokemon to have their personality based off behaveour rather then nature
  • She, again next to her brother Glaceon, Is one of the only pokemon to base the way they battle off of the way they do in the mainstream games