Jojora 2
The Freezing Funny Phantom



Joke's End


Ice Spirit (Most Likely)

Jojora is a little blue spook that lives in a large frozen palace that has become a crypt for dead humor.  Needless to say, those old jokes have made her slightly loopy.

Character HistoryEdit

Jojora was the first thing that the Mario Bros saw when they entered Joke's End.  At first,  Jojora looked as she didn't mind having Mario and Luigi trekking through "her playground"; but she kept showing up in vain attempts to shoo the Bros away as they progressed through Joke's End.  When Mario and Luigi finally reached the top of Joke's End, Jojora decided to "reward" them with a "tea party".  However, that tea party wound up being like something resembling a bit of a saloon fight that left Jojora getting the skirt beaten off of her and sent her flying off in a crying fit.

RP HistoryEdit

Jojora wasn't a well liked character at first, due to all the drama of certain disgrace of a plot she had been affected by.  But once the plot had finally been time-skipped, Jojora was finally off the hook and she became more tolerable to be around.

Jojora also never had major plot involvement, but instead preferred to be a bit of a comedy-relief character.  However, she took up the role of narrating "A Sheezy Christmas Carol" with her puppeteer (David Sledge Brother) as her straight man.


  • Jojora is the only M&L:RPG series boss (besides Popple) to appear in any comics
  • She gotten the habit of teasing Laura DeSa her habit of "being a stick in the mud".
  • Prefers comedy over fights.
  • She currently has adopted a robot girl named Minuet as her daughter.

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