Iggy Koopa
Iggy Koopa
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Iggy Koopa is tall, skinny green-haired son of King Bowser Koopa.  His main protege is his "diminutive older brother" Lemmy Koopa.

RP HistoryEdit

Despite always hanging around Lemmy, Iggy didn't show up until mid-October which; which was five months after Lemmy's account was made.  Iggy's personality in the RP kinda falls back to the one he had in "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3", but has been shown to be more formal than Lemmy.

A few days after Iggy made his debut, he enlisted himself to join the Underground to help take down Trevor Roberts.  Iggy's involvement with the Underground was minimal, as he didn't do much besides pep-talking Hajime Nakajima.

Afterwards, Iggy became a background character for Meta Knight's comics, much like Lemmy.


  • Before the "Koopaling" Rank was used, Iggy was the first of Bowser's Children to be ranked above "League Pet"
  • Iggy seems to have thing for Kiwi Tang, since their dominant color is  both green.
  • He and Shin Akuma are currently the only members in the Robot Masters Club that aren't immediate relatives of any of the Robot Masters (or are even robots themselves).

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