Gregg, the Grim Reaper
Bloody cats! I hate those things...





Grim reaper

Gregg the Grim Reaper is the grim reaper from Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker Live and Reloaded. He is one of the main deities of the roleplay, in charge of death, continuity watch and plot direction along with Queen Jaydes and Bastian.

History Edit

The first time Conker died in the games, he would end up in the underworld, and a rather hilarious cutscene would play, talking about how squirrels were allowed to be given second chances if they collected squirrel tails.

Conker met Gregg again on his way to Count Batula's mansion, when he was trying to kill some catfish. He assisted Conker by giving him a shotgun and opening a door for him, but besides that he never made another appearance in the whole game. Despite this Gregg became a fan favourite due to his colourful language.

RP history Edit

Gregg came in just before Party Poopers. He went around accusing people of abusing death (so he should've). When Party Poopers came around, Gregg played a major role in it, taking Renton Thurston and Meta Knight down to the Underwhere and having them atone for their sins, as well as fix up the continuity. Gregg also played a major role in Liquid Lindsey, planning out the League's mass surrender in order to defeat Lindsey and accompanying Meta Knight and Maxwell on their way.

Gregg, along with Bastian and Jaydes, were also the triggers for Welcome to Trevopolis, using the Continuity-O-Meter which was hijacked by Trevor Roberts in order to turn the future into a world ruled by him.

Gregg also played a minor role in Tour de Isle o' Hags, throwing a fattening apple at Anemone Sorel in order for Eureka to win.

Gregg had been hiring new minions to do work for him, such as Death C Annibal. Gregg also complained about holidays and whatnot.

Gregg retired shortly after the closure of the "youth tornado" sub-plot, when Vice Stigma was revived by Dr. Who. His reasoning was that noone bothered to come to him and his crew anymore, instead relying on one-off deus ex machinas. He was arguably right as Dr. Who fell inactive shortly after.

Facts Edit

  • Gregg HATES cats.
  • Gregg also hates elitist vegetarian hippies.
  • Because he's a deity, Gregg doesn't side with anyone.
  • According to Gregg, Ryuk is "quite the suck at poker".

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