Gorgutz 'ead 'unter is an Ork from the Warhammer 40,000 series, but mostly know for being the main Ork character in most of the Dawn of War campaigns (3 out of 4 of them). Gorgutz came to Sheezyart with one and only one thing in mind, the only things Ork truly love. WAAAAAAAGH (war), and a good fight. Gorgutz is considered rather crafty and smart, for an Ork anyways, being able to survive leading 3 different campaigns. He loves not much more then taking the skulls of important people and putting it on his "pointy stikk". He, like most Orks, is far stronger then the normal human, and with that comes his cybork armor that comes with a built in Kombi-shoota and a Power Klaw


Gender There aren't any male and female orks. Only Orks.
Homeland Lorn V
Race Ork

Before SARP Edit

Da' firzt big WAAAAGH! Edit

Gorgutz was originaly an Ork Warboss from the ice world Lorn V. The planet at the time was deep in war with a World Eaters Chaos Space Marine warband, lead by Chaos Lord Crull, and the Orks, who were split up into tiny, and weak, warbands. Gorgutz Decided that enough was enough. He lead his Orks and used them to unite the Orks and take the fight to Crull. He then made a weak alliance with Chaos when the Imperial Guard told him and Crull about a massive Warlord Titan in the planet's surface. Gorgutz and Crull failed to stop the Eldar though from getting to the Titan and blowing it up to stop another race called Necrons. Gorgutz though was able to get off planet (and take dat chaos boy Crull'z skull) before it went off

Time ta give dem "Kronus" boyz a run Edit

Gorgutz then decided to make his way over to the planet of Kronus, which ended up being beseiged by war by 7 different armies (counting the Orks). This is rather unoticable in his wars due to nothing really character important happened here. Gorgutz did lose and made his way off planet.

Letz show dem whimmpy Boyz at "Kurava how itz done! Edit

Gorgutz then went on to tame the Feral Orks and start another WAAAAGH! at the Kurava with 8 different armies. Gorgutz is believed to be the one who raided the Space Marine base and killed Brother-Captain Indrick Boreale, killing the captain for 5 different companies, a terrible blow for the Blood Raven Space Marine chapter. Gorgutz did lose though when the Imperial Guard got 100 Baneblade super tanks, enough to fill each territory with 3 or 4 of them, and Gorgutz could only beat up two while the other one beat up his army. Gorgutz did escape once again, though.

What he's done in SARP. Edit

'ere we go Edit

Gorgutz did not do much at first in SARP. He came and yelled at people, screamed WAAAAGH and made some punches.

Gorgutz also messed with Emi Toshiba at one point, harvesting blue haired Vocaloid Kaito's skull and offering it to Emi in the form of an icecream. Delicious!

Letz show diz red 'ummie wutz up! Edit

Gorgutz then decided to mess with the Robot Masters at a time, mostly Splashwoman, when Shin Akuma attacked him. Gorgutz gave him a good fight, forcing him to go his "true" form ,and even standing lasting pretty long fighting him. He then left claiming that he had to fix this Shoota which was damaged, and Shin Akuma was claimed to be the victor.

Letz get uz sum blwe shiney bitz! Edit

Its was then Gorgutz decided to have a full fledged WAAAAGH! He needed some blue metal to make his upcoming Stompa luckier (Orks believe that colors do things, like blue is luckier, Red is faster, and Green is orkier. Somehow, this works). He found out by Chaos Sorcerer Sindri that Splashwoman (who's blue) was in The Inquistor's fortress. He banded up da boyz, and attacked. Inquistor's defences were very strict, but the sheer amount of Orks was too much for it and smashed it up good and took Splashwoman captive.  Inquisitor then made one last attempt to stop them by nuking the fortress. Gorgutz and a a good chunk of his boyz made it out, but Splashwoman escaped.  Then on their way back to the Ork's main base, they found some dues ex machinama blue metal. So if he found that at first, the battle and the dead would've never came though. He probably would've attacked anyways, though.

Facts Edit

  • Gorgutz isn't the only Ork on SARP. There is also Gorgutz's Big Mek, who is incharge of building everything for Gorgutz. He's far less active then Gorgutz though.
  • When the battle between Shin Akuma is brought up, Gorgutz will claim that he's forgotten about it (And knowing Orks, that could be very much true)
  • Gorgutz HATES Warchief Thrall, and believes that he is the most unorky ork ever due to attempting to have peace with the Humans, instead of just smashin' them like normal Orks. The feeling is pretty much the same on both sides.