Wanksta Glameow
Shit man, lookit dat photoshop.

Glameow? You wanna know about Wanksta Glameow, the least real Pokemon wigga on this whole site? Sit yo' ass down, bitch, and let me tell you a story.

All you need to know about this suckaEdit

Aight, so this bitch claims he grew up in a cardboard box in the back alleys of Detroit, and started hustlin' since he was a week old. BULLSHIT. Complete fuckin' bullshit. He grew up in a nice-ass house in La Habra Heights. 'Dis guy used to be rich as fuck, still is rich as fuck. He just don't flaunt it because he wants to be hood. He ain't neva gon' be hood.

Now, you wanna know what's most pathetic about this punk-ass? He's Level 7. Not only that, but he flaunts it around like it's some shit to be proud of. And look where that left him: he got his little ass beaten up captured by a Puerto Rican skank bitch, then videotaped and humiliated by that same bitch, then got captured a second time, this time by a closeted gay guy with a bondage fetish. Right now he's sitting in a soundproof cage, starving his anorexic ass to death. And he hasn't even gotten to level 8 yet. What a pathetic little cunt.