Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon (His mother), Luxray (father), Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon




Shadow (when under Shadow Queen's Control, Under Influence of Darkball)

Originally controlled bye Nintendosavi, then by Panipony999, and Now currently The Calm Minded Tai Lomein

Lowdown on GlaceonEdit

A Fresh Snow Pokémon and a Verdant Pokémon. They are both evolutions of Eevee. Eevee can evolve into seven different Pokémon depending on what it has in its possession and where it is when it evolves. Glaceon is an Ice-type and can freeze all the fur on its body into protective quills.

RP History Edit

Glaceon First came into the RP-verse as the first Eevee evolution Active in a while; Speaking in pokespeak.

Glay-Ce {Like this}

He was cute; Cuddly, and Niave, and got around acting like a happy cheerful pup that he is; He was once A delivery boy for pizza club, a member of the Shadow Queen's Army, and a member of the League of Meta Knights.

Laura DeSa is supposedly his trainer, but they're rarely seen together.

Ounce the account was handed over to Tai Lomein, he turned into srs bssnss after his siblings showed up, and gained QUITE the levels and moves and whatnot

Poor little glaceon since then can be pretty much neglected bye Laura....


After the "Dr. Wily Nuke" Fiasco, Glaceon went missing for a short while untill showing up at Storm (along with many others), only now for some reason, he is shiny and has no memory of anything that happened.

He is currently seeing a Xatu to try and restore his memories.

Post timeskip status Edit

He has two children and his mate is a rather shy Delcatty; His personality is soft spoken, adamant, and brave; the opposite how he started.


  • He was Nintendo Savi's first role-play account.
  • For a short while, Tai gave him the same personality NS had set.
  • He and Leafeon are the oldest brothers of the family, though Ironically they look like girls.
  • Icey wind is still his favorite