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Giygas Zero/Giegue was the last of the original MOTHER accounts to be created, behind Giygas, Claus, and Porky. Despite being late, he was the one who initially declared war on Dr. Trevor Roberts, thus starting the original war which lead to the SARP's creation ((See; Beginnings.

His greatest "Lacky" was Claus, being the only account as active as he, as he forced him to do many a chore under his command, as well as be a co-leader to the Cosmic Destroyers.

He went inactive for a greater part of the war, and lost his leadership position to Claus. When he came back, he was rather ignored, due to how much was accomplished without him, and thus, he went inactive for a rather long while again.

His activity varied throughout the greater half of the first year of the Sheezy RP. As did the activity of his minions, Starman Super and Starman Deluxe.

What Did He Originally Do?Edit

Declared war against Sheezyart, as he did to the Earth in Earthbound Zero/MOTHER 1 and recruited minions out of the users. He took authority over a once confused, and willing to follow, Claus, and stated his other half Giygas as his inferior.

Also started the Cosmic Destroyers

Who Created Him?Edit

I do not remember. Pal X. ((Oh yeah))

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