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Galaxy Man

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Robot Masters

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Dr. Light

Galaxy Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 whose period of use had expired and was scheduled to be scrapped. Galaxy Man was designed to work in a space research center where it was his job to instantly calculate the trajectories for rockets. He loves to observe stars and name any new ones that he finds.

Character HistoryEdit

Shortly after Wily's defeat (again), the doctor decided to take a break and then went off to Las Vegas. Prior to leaving he deactivated the Robot Masters' need to kill Megaman (though they still don't like him). He also loves to upgrade his systems with space-grade tech. Shortly after arriving in the RP, he installed advanced shielding, high-powered arm-mounted energy-cannons, advanced long range flight, and upgraded to Black Hole Cluster Bombs. Later, he got energy gattling cannons, missle launcher, and Hyperspace traveling capabilities. He gets all of his tech from a starship graveyard in an asteroid belt near the RP world. He also likes to upgrade the other members of his family with the tech he finds there. With his knowlege of technology he has obtained a mechanic role, fixing his brothers and even some mechanical beings he just met. He is fiercely protective of his family, ready to defend them to his dying breath, as evident from an ambush by Gorgutz on Splashwoman. His first real victory was over Bowser, the Koopa King. He dissapeared at one point only to return 25 years later. He was ambushed by Ork Fightas and was left for dead in space. He drifted into an expance of space known as the Eye of Terror. There, time accelerated around him leaving him 25 years later though he was in the Eye for only a few minutes. The Space Wolf Chapter Master, Logan Grimnar retrieved the broken Galaxy Man and brought him home. Then the timeskip ended and he still somehow remained (he blames Tachyons). Lately, there has been a budding romantic relationship between he and Pandora. At one point she was unconcious in his workshop due to the waves of a large Model W fragment in the ruins beneath the ground. Galaxy Man, Tron, and Prometheus are venturing into the ruins to take care of the fragment. There they fought a Hanmuru Doll and the Pseudoroid Vulturon who was controling the reaverbot in the room before Model W. Prometheus sliced him in two with a new energy scythe. Tron placed a teleport homer on the Biometal and sent it to the ship. She constructed two new Biometals for Prometheus and Pandora. Galaxy immediately placed it on Pandora and she woke up. Tron also entrusted Galaxy with Prometheus' Biometal. While on a date with her, the Fire Megaman, Atlas, ambushed them and kidnapped Pandora demanding a certain relic from the ruins. Now he along with Larry Koopa and Shadowman are in the ruins looking for it (though they are rarely on). But he recieved a garbbled message from Pandora. Tron traced the message to find her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Prometheus went out looking on his own. He was ambushed and rendered unconscience. Galaxy came to the same area and found out Rospark was behind it all, even the message to lure others there to be sacrificed to a Model W fragment. Galaxy defeated Rospark. When he entered the chamber, Prometheus and Pandora where wired up to machines. An unknown assailent cut them loose and dissapeared with the Model W. They are now undergoing repairs.


  • There was a one-off joke that Jojora made to Galaxy Man.  When She first saw him, she sang the second verse of the "Particle Man" song, but replaced the name "Universe Man" with "Galaxy Man". 
  • He resents the fact he has no face.
  • When his hyperspace modules come out, he vaguely resembles the starship Enterprise.
  • He is Pandora's boyfriend.
  • He also appears to love big guns.

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