"I'll harness the power of the Void and make this pitiful world MINE."



Great Forest of Moore


Tree (?)

Exdeath is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy V. According to Ghido, despite his knightly appearance, Exdeath was once, and still is to an extent, a tree from the Great Forest of Moore.

Character HistoryEdit

After the malicious warlock-king Enuo was defeated and the Void was sealed away, humans turned to an alternative solution to purge their land of corruption and terror. The Great Forest of Moore provided a solitary prison for these malevolent souls to inhabit. Eventually many other monsters were drawn to the forest, becoming easily the most dangerous place on Galuf's world, and sealed within a tree. The various souls residing within the tree eventually make it so self-aware that it assumed a human-like form, as evil as the many souls that composed him. Thus, the monster Exdeath was born.

RP HistoryEdit

Exdeath was the least prominent of the major Final Fantasy series villains in the RP.  He made his debut during early-October 2008, yet he didn't become fully active until the Summer of '09.

When Meta Knight vanished into a plot-hole, Exdeath claimed to be the one responsible for the Star Warrior's disappearance.  Exdeath vowed that he would use the power of the Void to consume everyone.  However, the only victim that the Void actually claimed was Sword Knight. Even then, it was by Sword Knight's own will that he was taken into the Void in the hopes he could he find Meta Knight.  Sword Knight eventually escaped from the Void, but without finding any sign of his master.

There was going to be a Christmas sub-plot featuring Exdeath as the main villain, but the project never went off the ground. Mainly do to plots writers being unable to draw his armour. Seriously.

At one point, he and Nate Desa created a football team to screw around with the Robot Masters. After that, Nate is now known as Red hair, or Sidekick Number 2. The reason? ExDeath has recruited Nate in his army of... whatever. Nate, is completely unaware however.

Now a days, all ExDeath does is shout at people and laugh at them. He will sometimes get angry and attack, but usually he just yells like an idiot.

Various Facts you should know:Edit

  • He is a tree.
  • He hates Golbez, main antagonist of Final Fantasy IV, mainly because he owes him money.
  • People mock his armour, and call him a tea pot.
  • In his Knight form, he lacks a mouth. That is his only regret.
  • He hate Halicarnassus.
  • Blue is his favourite colour.
  • Captain Basch of Dalmasca is his best friend, but he'll deny it.
  • He hates Japan, and everything about it.
  • He thinks sliced bread is the greatest thing since him