Elmyra Duff
Elmyra Duff
"Elmyra is a pain!"



Acme Acres



Elmyra Jessica Duff is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series "Tiny Toon Adventures" where she serves as one of the main characters of the show.  Elmyra is quite young and obsessed with animals and cute things, even chasing after animals whom she knows are her classmates at Acme Looniversity, obliviously causing great discomfort or serious injury to potential pets from her overenthusiastic affection and complete lack of even the most rudimentary knowledge of pet care.

RP HistoryEdit

Like most Non-Japanese cartoon characters, Elmyra Duff merely served as a joke character.  Her obsession with animals proved to be as much of a discomfort towards others (especially concerning Iggy and Lemmy Koopa) just as she was back in Acme Acres.

Elmyra's only appearance in a plot was during the closing scene of "A Sheezy Christmas Carol", where she is seen chasing Iggy and Lemmy (and eventually Count Bleck and Rin Kaenbyou).  Said scene was also parodied in Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair, thus making Elmyra Duff to be the only U.S. cartoon character to ever make an appearance in a comic. (No, Doug Funnie doesn't count because there isn't an RP account of him.)