"You ain't had frost bite until you had it from me."



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Ice Spirit/Vampiress

Dora is part of a series of Mario-series related fan characters created by David Sledge Brother to serve as an extended family for Jojora.  She is the younger sister of Amy.

Character HistoryEdit

Back when Dora and Amy were children (roughly 100 years ago), they lived in Joke's End with a large family of fellow Ice Spirits.  The frozen palace was then ransacked by poachers, leaving most of the Ice Spirits scattered and the rest with their Games Ended.  Dora and Amy ended up being separated by their parents by accident no thanks to the parent's weaken condition at the time.  The two sisters were discovered by a lonely vampiress named Temperance and raised them as her own children.  As Dora and Amy were raised by Temperance, they picked up on their adoptive mother's vampiric traits.  When Dora and Amy were in their 20's, Temperance had her Game Ended in the hands of the famed Vampire Hunter Dr. April Gadd; leaving the two of them to set out their own.

Dora and Amy eventually found their cousins Basil, Jasmine and Roxanne (as well as Roxanne's boyfriend; Robin).  Jasmine had expressed skepticism towards having them all go back to living in Joke's End, so the five of them formed a music band call "Jasmine and the Snowdrifts".  The band was quite successful until problems began to arose.  Jasmine was under a lot of pressure to keep Dora and Amy under control (as a rule, Dora and Amy were never allowed to perform or to make public appearances on an empty stomach).  The Snowdrifts were finally forced to break up when Dora and Amy got themselves carried away during a performance in October 2009.  They family still come to see each other on a occasion, but their ties with each other are somewhat shaky.

RP HistoryEdit

Dora and Amy's "debut" in the RP was in Koopas in Space.  The two ice vampires were lounging about on a crater-filled planet until the Koopalings' Doomship unintentionally sucked them up while the ship was refilling it's water supply.  Once the Koopalings discovered that the two Ice Spirits were on board, they attempted to kick Dora and Amy out.  However, Dora and Amy's sob story convinced them to stay.

A day or so later, Dora and Amy's hunger pangs got the better of them and they attacked the Koopa Kids in the hopes of drinking their blood.  During the fight, Morton Koopa Jr was knocked out of the Doomship.  Amy flew out to chase after Morton since she was dead-set towards the chance to drink some his blood an Dora was forced to follow after her.  Iggy and Lemmy struck out to find Morton before Dora and Amy could get to him first while the others either stay behind or set out for the Comet Observatory.  Iggy and Lemmy bumped into Dora and Amy  while searching for Morton, but the Koopa duo managed to send the ice vampires packing.

Dora and Amy also appeared at Jojora and Flash Man's wedding during Minuet Waltz.  Dora was among the many wedding attendants that attempted to get Amy to settle down while she was going berserk at the wedding service.


Dora mostly has a bitter and pessimistic out-look on life (and especially towards her sister Amy and her cousin Jasmine). She's apparently less than thrilled about Jojora being married to Flash Man on the grounds that the weirdness of the majority of the Robot Masters kinda bugs her. Despite bitterness, Dora apparently has a mischevious side to her and won't hesitate to cause trouble.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like most of her family, Dora is able to weild various Ice attacks. Dora's signature moves amongst her family include her "Bullet Chill" attack, which involves firing icy projectiles shaped like Bullet Bills, and somewhat limited mind-control powers.

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