"My, aren't we hot-blooded? Well, well... I suppose that's to be admired."



Dimension D (Otherwise; unknown)


Vaguely humanoid

Dimentio was a main antagonist in Super Paper Mario, and the true final boss at the end of the game. He is a mischievous, cunning jester with various magical capabilities.

Basic info

Dimentio hails from Super Paper Mario, where he was a minion of Count Bleck. However, this was simply a ploy to fulfill his own desires, which involved the destruction of all existing worlds and creating new ones of which he would be king. He worked in the background to help the Heroes of the Prophecy collect all the Pure Hearts and defeat Count Bleck. After Bleck's defeat, he stole the Chaos Heart, thereby betraying Bleck and his minions, and then fusing the Chaos Heart, a brainwashed Luigi, and himself into the being known as Super Dimentio. His plan ended up backfiring thanks to the power of love, though, and he was defeated by Mario and co. and he died. The end.

RolePlay history (Abandon hope all ye who enter)

The beginning, and the worst plot ever to disgrace SARP

In the beginning, Dimentio didn't really do much. That was until the account was taken up by SilverSonic200. Give or take a few days, and a plot was started. Nearly everyone and their mother jumped in, and it ended up becoming a disorganized mess of fighting, brainwashing, and OOC behavior on Dimentio's part. After enough raging and drama, it all stopped, and the RP fell dormant for a while.

Fast forward to more recent times

After laying dormant for a while, Dimentio returned (after account owners were switched a bit), and began acting more in character, claiming that he was not quite himself months ago (all just a lame excuse since we all know what happened but yeah). He began by forming an alliance with Lindsey Sead, eventually leading to the Liquid Lindsey plot. However, due to his ruined reputation, Dimentio wasn't seen as part of that plot, and was incredibly discouraged afterwards, leading to him being in a bit of a slump. Since then, he has done nothing else in the line of villainy, claiming to have retired from it all.

These days, Dimentio has resorted to making his fragrance, "Demented by Dimentio", as well as general foolery. He has something of a comedic rivalry with Kam Jameson, and the two usually challenge each other in "duels of foolery", as they call it. However, their duels often get interrupted for some unknown reason, and are never quite completed. Thus, Kam still holds the title of King of Fools. He is also often stalked by some green, annoying felinoid alien-thing called "Kiwi". Dimentio despises his fandom, and sometimes laments about how horrible 99.9 % of the art depicting him is, among other problems with general fandom. And yet sometimes, he doesn't really seem to care.


Currently, Dimentio is pregnant, and may be due sometime soon. The reason? Well, The Inquisitor somehow got hold of God's control panel, and apparently due to a scuffle with General Dahlia, a pregnancy button was pressed, and somehow Dimentio got pregnant due to it. Why it was Dimentio and no-one else is still unexplained. Anyway, this has left Dimentio with the typical mood swings associated with pregnancy (Having even chewed out his rival, Kam, one time), and odd cravings for celery sticks dipped in mustard or may mixed with strawberry jam. Oh, and a radish and strawberry ice-cream smoothies. Even taking Midol, as advised by General Dahlia, doesn't help much. Oh, and the Inquisitor and Dahila are the father, and have to pay child support no matter what. He will not take no for an answer.

Also, he's quite the little manbitch now. Approach with caution, lest you taste the wrath of hormonal rage.

And this is where shit hits the fucking fan


This bullshit is so bad it needs a new section

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

So basically, at one single odd moment in time, Kiwi Tang, Dimentio's owner, turned from a semi decent person to an utter bitch. This carried onto Dimentio. Now Dimentio was NEVER in character, but because of Kiwi tang's massive bitching, Dimentio went as far away from his character as possible.

So imagine this. Dimentio, who in game murdered fucking Mario, traitored Count Bleck, almost killed Bleck and his assistant, and tried to annihilate the goddamn universe, is now a peace loving lover of justice who also takes a fancy in spas and tea.

Obviously that's complete and utter bullshit. But you must be curious on how she made the transition two very different personalities into each other.

The answer? "Well I think Io doesn't like me. I'm gonna create a black hole to eat everything". And so this happened and obviously it got stopped and he died.

It was then that Kiwi Tang took over the Queen Jaydes account, shit because extra bad here. Basically she had a big idea where people will come along and save Dimentio from his death using Jaydes as something to do it. Basically she would ignore any comment that may possibly derail Dimentio's redemption and only talked to people that would glady help him even though there is no fucking excuse for trying to eat the goddamn universe. Jaydes also cut any ties to something that may be Dimentio's dismay, like Slannesh's contract that binded his soul. How did she cut this contract on Dimentio's soul?

"Yeah it's now invalid"


  • No reply*

Now anyways, after completely and utterly bullshiting his way back to life and making himself look like a goddamn asshole, Dimentio turned into a gay protector of justice due to his "redemtion".

Now eventually after some crap, Yarmun ended up killing Vice Stigma. Dimentio's panties got in a 100 different bunches and started to bitch out Yarmun and anyone who sided with them. They often brought up the fact that he was pretty hypocritical seeing how he tried to eat the goddamn universe. His response was "Well it was in the past!"

Not long after, he posted a journal calling everyone idiots because they disagreed with him.

It was then that user Mettic posted this:
Holy fuck
After reading this comment chain and the one with Wyn, and hell many more.
I have to fucking say that you are the biggest pile of stupid I have ever seen.

Hypocrisy falls out of you from no bounds.
You bitch about the league being controlling, but when that plot of you dying comes around, you make Dimentio and Jaydes ignore any comment that might run your HEROIC RESCUE and only talk to people who'd do it. You even made the club were you pulled this bullshit to be "members only", and you're the one who allows the members in, just so no one comes and ruins your plans to make Dimentio look like a good guy after he tried to destroy everything.
You call out the DA Dimentio as if you defined the character better then him, while you define Dimentio as a flaming homosexual LOVER OF JUSTICE while the DA one just as a silly pairing, atleast he still seemed like Dimentio.
And this journal, you call them as if they made no goddamn points and were just throwing insults, when so many comment chains boiled down to them telling you off, and then you going "NO, YOU'RE STUPID. EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS WRONG BECAUSE IT IS". You make no arguments, you just throw ad homenins around. And to save you the effort of googling that, Ad Homenins means "insulting the arguer, not the argument". Because that's all you do. You make no counter arguments, just say that they're dumb.

Actually, lets go back to that character bit.
Please remind me at what point in the goddamn game does Dimentio become someone giving a shit about justice, especially when though the game he was backstabbing asshole who'd gladly send people to FUCKING VIDEO GAME HELL if it works out for him. Someone who also brainwashed people, made them fight their goddamn families, and then almost almost killed off Bleck so he could become the ruler of the realm after the universe is destroyed by the void. And when did he go from a crafty almost gentlmanny character to just a flammy faggot.
Please, tell me when any of this happened.
Oh right.
It didn't.
you proceeded to make up a bunch of bullshit in some retarded belief that you're "improving" the character when you just don't give a fuck to actually play a character right. If I was to change the name of this account, no one would ever be able to tell that it's Dimentio because you're fucking terrible at him.

So please.
Neigh, I come with you to a fucking PLEAD.
Stop using this account Kiwi.
You're terrible. Give it to ANYONE. You just did so fucking bad with this that you just look like a fucking asshat.
Hell give it to SilverSonic, he'd do a much better job then you are now.
Just fucking stop.

Dimentio never replied, and went on a "vacation" afterwords.

If you're reading this Kiwi, never come fucking back

Fun Facts

  • Once wished to one day beat Kam in a duel of foolery, just for bragging rights. Now he couldn't care less because AAAUGH MY PROBLEMS ARE SO BIG HERPADERPDERP
  • Loves to annoy Nate, especially by taking advantage of Nate's own narcissism and using it against him.
  • Has a large amount of respect for Lindsey.
  • He would never really admit it, but he's pretty fond of Kam. Most likely due to their rivalry.
  • Has gotten near-raped in a few instances, and somehow attracts fangirls without even trying.
  • Due to said rape attempts, has to wear a chastity belt often, and complains about how uncomfortable it is.
  • He is an asexual aromantic, and the best way to creep him out is by acting lovey-dovey towards him. Or talking about sex.
  • Has unwillingly sold his soul to Slaanesh. (Heck knows where Slaanesh has gotten off to, though.)
  • Prefers the term "jester" over "clown".
  • Is often stalked by Kiwi, who he finds somewhat annoying. (She is a retard, anyways.)
  • Though he prefers entertainment over fighting, he's still not one to be provoked.
  • Regards himself highly.
  • During the Time Skip plot, he made an attempt at the ability to travel through time, but wound up messing up his powers in the process.
  • Speaking of said time travel attempt, it was caused mostly by too much champagne, something which Dimentio seems to have become fond of.
  • Does whatevertheshit he feels like.


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