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"A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer's hands"

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Pump Man, Nitro Man, Sheep Man, Strike Man



Blade Man is the eldest of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 10. He was the guide to an ancient castle before the Roboenza incident. The castle's lord had a fascination with swords, which inspired the robot's design. He knows a great amount about weapons and swords and can speak on the subject for a very long time.

Rp HistoryEdit

Blade Man showed up soon after Pump Man had. His puppeteer, Nintendo Savi, gave the Triple-Bladed Robot Master an autistic personality. As such, Blade Man is shy and rather quiet. He has a habit of boring people with long speeches about swords. Blade Man also did the meat cutting for Nate's Bar-B-Q

A Witch-Doctor did itEdit

A few days after his arrival in the RP, Blade Man stumbled upon Doctor Facilier and was turned into a human baby. Fortunately, Priestess Lolo and Sir Blade Wolfe managed to reverse the hex (but at the expense of Blade Wolfe being turned into a kid). The curse that had been put on Blade Man had allowed Facilier to grant the Triple Blade ability to the Maverick known as Dynamo. Sir Blade Wolfe stepped in once again and made Dynamo give Blade Man's power back to him.


In short, he contracted the roboenza from strikeman, who then spread it to the P-siblings and when he got it he went bat-shit insane

More on that later

Ok later

anyway, soon after he went around attacking everyone he got blowed up bye torchman

then repaired bye doctor Light

now he thinks he's a monster

Poooooooooooooooor blademan


  • He tries to be a good older brother, but it's difficult due to his social disability.
  • Ironically, Sheepman, who was created prior had the wrong number him makeing it "DWN 073".
  • Strikeman worries about his control over the swords on his arms, them being his weakness

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