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Early-Mid 2008, the MOTHER accounts began the base work of the Sheezyart Role Play, otherwise known as SARP, but as there's already an article on that, Beginnings, we'll skip the reiteration.

Roleplay has been around on Sheezyart as early as 2007, namely in Pokemon trainer accounts. However, these fell silent rather early as the concept didn't catch on as well as it did on deviantART. These accounts were also arguably better than the current Pokemon accounts.

Popular JournalsEdit

One of the "major" advertisements of the SARP was the introduction of the Popular Journal Section. To this day it is still asked, "Why does an art site need a stupid Popular Journals section in the first place?" To be honest, no one knows, but it became a breeding ground for two things.

Trolling Voodoo Devil Doll, and SARP.

To those wishing to avoid advertising on this ludicrous board, there is always the option of private journals, which only friends can see, and deleting a journal once it is seen up there.

But again, it is asked, why is this stupid board on an art site?


It was once a popular complaint that there are RP accounts on a site made for art (There is also a board for Popular Journals on a site made for art but...). However, it has now boiled down to these statistics.

Daily Submitted Art Ratio on SAEdit

5% good art

80% bad art

9% good RP art

11% bad RP art

And thus the popular complaint of the past is now null and void. (Wait, 105%? Exactly)

In ConclusionEdit

Basically, Sheezyart hasn't been "good" since it was conceived, but even then it was merely a wanna-be-dA. So, in reality, it's never been good. The majority of elitists who stand by the point of "It was better before" simply have their nostalgia goggles fastened too tightly to their faces.