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Here he is, the showman ghost himself; BANNETTE!

Information on species Edit

Evolves from shuppet at level 37; He is a black, humanoid, doll-like Pokémon which is possessed with pure hatred. It has three spikes on its head and a long zigzag-shaped ribbon hanging down from its head. It has a mouth with yellow "teeth," one of which is longer, giving its mouth the appearance of a zipper. Banette has long, three-fingered hands and short, stubby legs, and has a yellow, brush-like tail.

Oh and he levitates

RP historyEdit

He simply came to SA seeking fame and fourtune as the showman he is, and also to seek out the boy who abandoned him and turned him into a bannette and his intentions for what he does? This is unknown, he has so far made a friend in Dimentio, but so far no real plot, he serves as just a side character for now, His personality is a mixture between emotionless, dark, and cheerful all in one, and speaks in Italics when he is angered,or to emphsize a point he has against a topic

Currently he enjoys insulting the eeveelutions, him blameing them for all his troubles, ESPECALLY Flareon and Jolteon, and just being an overall DICK.


  • He keeps a Bottle of champagne inside his zipper, and two glasses, thus making another common trait between him and Dimentio, love of champagne
  • He uses staples to keep himself togther in most cases
  • Shadowman once fought him for ownership as a trainer, Bannette assumed that the robot ninja had stolen moves from Naruto, and left the battle.
  • His Rper, Nintendosavi, states that "I try to make him like a disney villian, really."