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Anti-Guy is the most badass fucking Shyguy ever and still one of the best users in his own mind.

He is also one of the League of Meta Knights captains.

Character Background Edit

In the Shy Guy's Toybox in the original Paper Mario, Anti Guy was told by Bowser and General Guy to guard a chest containing a Power Plus Badge. Depending on the Player's actions, you could fight Anti Guy, give him a Lemon Candy, or just avoid him. Here in the SARP, Mario avoided him.

RP history Edit

Anti Guy first arrived at Sheezy claiming that Bowser had forgotten about him. He soon joined the League of Meta Knights after the Hedgehogs for Dinner Plot.

Actual RP crap Edit

In the first League Comic Anti Guy was in, New Year's Planning, Anti Guy was given his signature attack, which was tossing that treasure chest at other members of the League.

He later had his own subplot, The Toybox that was, which led to the other subplot, Saving Private David.

In the Montana Requiem plot, Anti Guy was supposed to bring in the Toybox to weaken the Ex-Spheres, but Night the Hedgehog interfered. He has, and never will forget that. In Party Poopers, Anti Guy was absent for most of it until he crashed the Nirvash into the Underwhere, allowing Meta Knight and co. to get to the surface. In Liquid Lindsey, Anti Guy is manipulated by Lindsey Sead for her goals or something like that.  Anti Guy was given the part of the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Sheezy Christmas Carol.

Other than that Anti Guy is just a bothersome pest.

Facts Edit

  • Ever since the horrid time skip plot thing, Anti Guy always wears Triangle Sunglasses, similar to Kamina's. He has been seen wearing shuttashades once, but he'll deny it if asked.
  • Other than Meta Knight himself, Anti Guy is one of the shortest League members
  • Lemon Candy is his favourite food.
  • Seriously, it is.
  • Unknown to Anti Guy, most people in the League dislike Anti Guy
  • Anti Guy hates Night the Hedgehog
  • Actually, Anti Guy hates the Sonic Franchise and all its fan characters more than he likes lemon candies.
  • Anti Guy has 10 treasure chests, and almost 20 pairs of the glasses he wears. He has worn one. It's starting to smell.

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